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Ennek a lapnak nincs magyar verziója!

Malta - January 2006

Ireland - May 2005

Albania - December 2004

Patrick and Helen at Nyíregyháza (August, 2004.)
[click] Playing at Mogyoróska with the Bodó Band (Béla, Kata, László Kósa and Sándor Oláh)
One of Bodó Band faces...
Helen Gillet and Patrick Farrell are playing at night
[click] Helen and Patrick are improvising for an acrobat flight
Pati is looking the flight
[click] Patrick is playing at the tomb of rabbi Taub Eizik Izsák
Patrick and the Szól a kakas már...

Collecting Tours in Transylvania
musicians: Varga Istvánka (violin), Szentpéteri Ludovik (viola)
[click] In the shanty of the gypsies 1, Bánffyhunyad (photo: Péter Marssó)
[click] In the shanty of the gypsies 2, Bánffyhunyad (photo: Péter Marssó)
[click] In the shanty of the gypsies 3, Bánffyhunyad (photo: Péter Marssó)
[click] We found this pub on the road
Kodoba's funeral
[click] One of the gypsy quarter's at Bánffyhunyad

Cooperation and Education
Panorama Jazz Band

Orquesta Milonga
Black Cat Orchestra
Peoples Bizarre
Duck Duck Gray Duck
Stained Grass Windows
Transmission Trio

Total Hip Replacement

[click] Béla is teaching
[click] Playing Appalachien music with local musicians
[click] Playing in the Hungarian House, New York with Canadian musicians and members of the Életfa
[click] Balázs and Béla teaching Jeannie
[click] With the members of People's Bizarre
[click] Hands playing
[click] Mercer Island (Seattle), Jómóka
[click] Perform with Szilvia and Arpad in Washington
[click] The flag is important at every performance
[click] Stephan Puchalski teaching us playing Polish music
[click] Kata is playing with gypsy musicians from Szaszcsavas at Komandó
[click] Accompanying a singer from the "Fürtöcske" children group of Tarcal

West Coast Tour
[click] Our main route (numbers symbolize the sequence of days)
[click] A closer look to the beginning and the end (Seattle)
[click] A closer look to the area of San Francisco

[click] San Francisco from the Island of Alcatraz
[click] Alcatraz - from San Francisco
[click] At the KWVA Radio station
[click] Kata is playing in the Studio
[click] The lonely violinist
[click] Article about the Bodo Band in The Leader, a newspaper of Seattle
[click] Drawing of Béla by artist John Murphy, San Francisco, CA
[click] Rehearse at Upstage, Seattle

Louisiana Tour - Photo Album

The Band's old homepage

More Photos
[click] Boys of the Szabolcs Táncegyüttes
[click] Girls of the Szabolcs Táncegyüttes
[click] Playing at Bogdánd, Romania

[click] Playing at the VIDOR Festival, Nyíregyháza
[click] Janika and Patrick
(photo: Urszula Konczewska)
[click] Kata and Béla
(photo: Zsolt Hanuszik)
Bodó Fun Club (photo: Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Playing at the Bortó(photo: Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Article about the Band's tour (in Hungarian)
[click] Dancehouse in Vienna, Austria (photographed by Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Playing in the Collegium Hungaricum I.
(photographed by Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Playing in the Collegium Hungaricum II.
(photographed by Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Hungarian Workshop with Paula and Gyiki (Gyékényesi István) in Pennsylvania
[click] Article about the Bodo Band (in Hungarian)
[click] March 15 with the Hungarians of Louisiana
[click] Cycling in New Orleans
[click] Cycling in New Orleans #2
[click] Mood
(photographed by Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Sunset with the triumvirate
(photographed by Péter Marssó)
[click] Harangod, Hungary
(photographed by Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Harangod, Hungary
(photographed by Zsolt Hanuszik)
[click] Riding on the New York City Subway with Ula, Patrick, Anne, and Oli
(photographed by Roman Moskva)
Oli and Anne
[click] Paula Davis Larson. Another picture of Paula in Kalotaszeg. 
[click] JoAnne Growney

David Kaye wrote the following, reflecting on Metropolitan Opera's losing support of ChevronTexaco;
"[...] Eastern European music has to make it on its own without any help from the wealthy benefactors and without weekly network radio broadcasts. Heck, just this past week there was a classical ensemble from Hungary, Bodo Band, playing around the Bay Area as part of their national tour. They had no benefactors, and stayed in people's homes while they were on here. They didn't play at the Herbst Theatre or the Opera House, but instead at Bruno's, the Luggage Store, and Storyville (a hip-hop club) in SF. The music of Bodo Band is every bit as important as "world class professional" opera, and probably more so, because people who were interested got a chance to talk with the musicians and learn about their techniques and the history of the music [...]"

Kata's sculptures

Graduation photos with Oli and Ivette. Here is an other one, photographed by Marlin Wagner.